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10 K-Pop Idols Who Adopt Abandoned Dogs, Some Are Left at Gas Stations


We often see K-pop idols have pet dogs, but who would have thought that some of them are adopted animals. Some of these abandoned dogs were adopted by them from shelters, while others were found directly in public places. Here are some idols who have adopted dogs.


In December 2020 Rose had uploaded a photo of herself with a dog named Hank. The dog was previously treated at a shelter in Gangneung, Gangwon Province. Hank was sick and hospitalized, but Rose adopted him anyway and gave him a place to live.

2. TWICE Momo

In January 2021, Momo and Nayeon held a live broadcast via Naver Vlive and announced that Momo adopted a new dog and named him Dobby. Dobby is a Norwich Terrier breed, in an Instagram post. Momo said that she was worried because Dobby is an abandoned dog, but he easily gets close to people.

3. Aron NU'EST

Aron started 2019 by introducing his dog Noah and another dog named Kkotsooni, which he has adopted. Beginning in 2018, there was an abandoned dog in a parking lot because of his hair loss. Then Aron's friend saved the dog and Aron decided to adopt him and named him Kkotsooni.

4. Loco

Loco's dog was originally in the attic of the house and was abandoned by its owner when they moved in. Luckily there was a volunteer who saved the dog. Then Loco heard it and immediately contacted the person to adopt him, then named him Latte. 5. Kim Sophie.

6. MAMAMOO's Moonbyul

welcomed a new member of his family in December 2020 by adopting a new dog from the shelter. Previously the dog had lived in a kennel for two years because there was no suitable family for him and was abused before being rescued. He named the dog Janggu

7. HyunA and Dawn

Celebrity couple HyunA and DAWN also adopted a dog in December 2019 and named him Haenim, which means sunshine in Korean. DAWN first announced it to the public through an Instagram upload.

8. Yoon Jisung

Before adopting his new dog, former WANNA ONE member Yoon Jisung initially didn't want to adopt. This was because he didn't want to endure the same pain when he had to watch the dog he grew up with, namely, Sarang, die.

But after a long discussion, Jisung's mother brought home a dog, which they named Hodu sometime in 2019. This dog has a tragic past, was abandoned by his five owners, and was traumatized by being abused.

9. WINNER's Kang Seungyoon

WINNER member Kang Seungyoon has a dog which he adopted and named Thor. At first, Thor was rescued from the other puppies, then he was rescued in November 2017 by volunteers. After that, Kang Seungyoon contacted the volunteers, and Sungyoon expressed his desire to adopt

10. J-Hope BTS

J-Hope's family dog, Mickey, turns out to be an abandoned dog. Mickey was left at the gas station with a note. The contents of the note were from a pair of grandparents who wrote that they could not take care of the dog that was abandoned by their child. At that time Mickey was very young, and now he has been living with the BTS rapper's family for more than eight years.