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6 Korean Idols Have Special Rings from UNICEF, Not Just Anybody! anyone?

Korean idols wear silver rings with a distinctive shape, it doesn't look completely complete. As it turned out, this was a ring that was given directly by UNICEF. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations agency that specializes in dealing with issues involving children. They often give a kind of souvenir ring in the form of donors who regularly give their wealth to this UN agency. The ring, which is shaped like a pin, has the meaning of protecting all children from harm and providing a sense of security. Well, here are six K-pop idols who were seen wearing the special ring.

1. Beomgyu TXT 

Photo: Instagram @beomgyu_official Judging from Instagram @beomgyu_official on October 18, 2021, he is seen wearing the ring that UNICEF gave him in his right hand. Many of his fans have praised him for his generosity and concern for less fortunate children.

2. Lee Know Stray Kids 

Photo: Twitter @straykids Often dubbed a tsundere with a beautiful heart, Lee Know apparently has a deep love for children. In Lee Know's interview with Vogue Korea, he said that he had sponsored Anas, a child from Ghana to fulfill his needs since he was a baby. Even though Anas doesn't know the person who supports him, Lee Know already considers him like his son and wants to one day invite Anas to join the Stray Kids concert.

3. Hongjoong ATEEZ

Photo Instagram @ateez_official_ Hongjoong was also seen wearing this special ring. As the leader of ATEEZ, Hongjoong also often invites other members to help underprivileged children. Also Read 5 Most Anticipated Korean Drama Couples in 2022, Ready to Make Paper!

4. Younghoon The Boyz

Instagram @younghoon.ina Younghoon is not only handsome but also actively distributes donations to children at UNICEF. It is clear in this photo that YoungHoon received the ring award given by UNICEF.

5. Gunil Ordinary Heroes 

Too Instagram @gunil.xh This pop-rock leader and oldest member also often donates his wealth to less fortunate children. Not surprisingly, he also has a UNICEF ring. Also Read: 6 Untold Facts About Simon Leviev's Case in Tinder Swindler

6. E: U Everglow

Photo: Instagram/@wangyiren._ Real name Wang Yiren, rapper Everglow, E: U takes an active role in helping UNICEF. He even took part in the campaign of its members. Everglow has also issued a Promise title entirely to promote the UNICEF campaign.

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