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Denise Leaves Secret Number, Contract with Agency Ends

Denise left Secret Number and the Vine Entertainment agency. Denise announced this surprising news through an official statement on her personal Instagram. Denise released her statement in Korean and English. In the upload, she explained that her contract with Vine Entertainment had expired on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Reported from Soompi, Saturday (5/2/2022) instead of extending the contract, Denise stated that she would leave the big-name group. 

"On February 1, 2022, my contract with Vine Entertainment has ended. Those who have been waiting for me for a long time must be shocked by this news, so I sincerely apologize," said Denise.

"After debuting as a Secret Number (member) in May 2020, I have made precious memories with Lockey (Secret Number's official fan club name)," he continued. Despite having to leave the Secret Number, Denise still feels grateful for being a part of the group. 

What he's been through during the days during promotions and getting a lot of love from fans or fellow members. To fans, Denise also promised to always provide support to other Secret Number members. Even with a big heart, he asked his fans to still love the Secret Number even though he had left. And please also pay attention to my promotions. 

Lastly, to Lockey, who has always given me their love and support, and to my fellow members, who I love. To my agency and the many staff members who support and appreciate everything about me, I sincerely thank you," he said.

Denise also shared a special gift for her fans on Instagram Story in the form of a cover of DAY6's song You Were Beautiful, as well as several photos with Secret Number. 

Secret Number debuted in May 2020 as a five-member group under Vine Entertainment. Where's Who Dis? became their debut song and their first comeback with Got That Boom in November of the same year. 

While the group's most recent comeback was in October 2021 with Fire Saturday with Denise not taking part in promotions for the song.