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K-Pop Idols Greet Fans on Chinese New Year


A series of K-Pop idols also celebrate the Chinese New Year which in South Korean culture is called Seollal. Seollal is the biggest and most important Korean folk holiday and is usually celebrated for three days.

Several K-Pop idols also celebrated by sending congratulations celebrating Seollal to fans. Some of them are also compact in wearing traditional Korean clothes known as Hanbok.

This event is also used to get closer to fans while celebrating Chinese New Year together.

The ITZY girl group uploaded a video with a duration of almost 2 minutes containing congratulations on celebrating the Lunar New Year for their fans, MIDZY.

In the video uploaded to their YouTube channel, the five members of the idol group are seen wearing hanbok with bright pink and purple shades.

"I'm sure 2022 will be a great year for MIDZY! And our fan meeting is coming soon!" said Ryujin, one of the ITZY members in the video.

The group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) also did the same by uploading a video entitled "Happy New Year - TXT". They wear hanbok with various models and shades of pastel colors.

The boyband, which is under the auspices of the Big Hit Entertainment label, greeted their fans, MOA, while reminiscing that this year was their third time celebrating Seollal together.

Idol group ENHYPEN also greets their fans in a video of Seollal's greeting which is more than one minute long. In the video, they hope that their fans who are members of ENGENE can enjoy gathering with their families at this celebration.

The boyband, who is famous for the songs Drunk-Dazed to FEVER, performed in traditional Korean outfits with monochrome nuances.

Girl group Brave Girls also released Chinese New Year greetings through their official YouTube channel on Monday (31/1). In the video, the members are seen wearing Hanbok clothes, which are dominated by white.

The idol group, which has been active since 2011, also wishes their fans, Fearless, health and happiness.

In addition to the row of groups, there are many K-Pop idols who send Chinese New Year greetings to their fans.

It has become a tradition in the K-Pop world to greet fans and congratulate them on Seollal, which this year falls on Tuesday (1/2).