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Kim Hyun Joong Was Involved in a Dispute With His Ex-lover. The Past Seems to Have Been Erased by Kim Hyun Joong With Plans to Open a New Chapter With a New Girlfriend.

Kim Hyun Joong announced that he would marry a non-celebrity woman. The star of the drama "Boys Over Flowers" announced the happy news when holding a free concert titled "Things I Want to Say" for fans on Sunday (27/2).

Kim Hyun Joong said, "I have decided to live a life in the future together with the person who stood beside me during the most difficult times."

Furthermore, Kim Hyun Joong also said, "I think this is the right time to convey the news of the marriage directly to fans who have believed in and supported me until now".

Quoting from Naver, Henezia as the agency that oversees Kim Hyun Joong announced that the wedding will not be held due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the agency hopes that there will be no excessive speculation regarding Kim Hyun Joong's decision not to hold a wedding according to general procedures.

"Given the difficult situation, we have decided to discuss the ceremony and other procedures," said Kim Hyun Joong's agency. "We respectfully request that you refrain from excessive speculation as we deliver the news carefully taking into account the position of the public couple."

"For those who support us, we plan to repay you with better music and various activities," he added.

Through YouTube, Kim Hyun Joong also shared a video letter regarding his marriage. Kim Hyun Joong also hopes that fans accept his decision so that he can continue his career in the music world.

"I hope you all support me with love so that I can continue my music life," said Kim Hyun Joong. "I will face great possibilities again, overcome the past. I will live more responsibly as an artist with depth. I will show you a confident life so that today does not cause regret."

As is known, Kim Hyun Joong was dragged into the alleged attack on his ex-lover. He was also caught driving under the influence of alcohol.