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Lomon and Cho Yi-hyun retweet All of Us Are Dead's 17th Kiss

Park Solomon (Lomon) and Cho Yi-Hyun shared the kiss scene in All of Us Are Dead 17 times. The story was told when they were with director Lee Jae-Kyo and writer Chun Sung-il some time ago.

On that occasion, they revealed interesting things behind the camera or while filming All of Us Are Dead. One of them is the kiss scene of Lomon and Cho Yi-Hyun.

Lomon and Cho Yi-Hyun said the scene had to be done several times. Cho Yi-Hyun also admitted that it was because of him.

"I really feel sorry for Lomon," said Cho Yi-Hyun in a video uploaded by Netflix some time ago.

On that occasion, Lomon also mentioned the estimated number of them repeating the kiss scene.

"17 times?" said Lemon.

"We really did it a lot," said Cho Yi-Hyun.

Director Lee Jae-Kyo also chimed in by saying Lomon was very happy to witness the kiss scene.

"Even now Lomon can't stop smiling," said Lee Jae-Kyo.

Temptation after temptation was conveyed by others. Cho Yi-Hyun said that Lomon had absolutely no problem having to repeatedly kiss him on set.

"I keep apologizing. But Lomon was like, 'I'm just happy to continue this.'," said Cho Yi-Hyun.

Lemon was increasingly responding to the temptation of the others. He revealed that he was worried when he had a kissing scene in All of Us Are Dead. However, those worries disappeared after Cho Yi-Hyun kissed him.

Not only that, he even said the kiss was his favorite scene in All of Us Are Dead.

"That became my favorite scene," said Lomon, greeted with laughter from the cast, director, and writer of All of Us Are Dead.

All of Us Are Dead is an adaptation of the webtoon Now at Our School by Joo Dong-Geun. The webtoon was released from 2009 to 2011 and managed to become one of the most popular.

All of Us are Dead tells the story of Hyosan High School students who are trapped at school and trying to save themselves from a zombie virus outbreak. They must get out of school immediately before they become infected and become zombies.

To survive, the students try to fight off the zombies using items found in the school, such as chairs and tables. The students inevitably have to unite to survive against the swarms of zombies that roam the halls of the school.

Besides Lomon and Cho Yi-Hyun, All of Us Are Dead stars Lee Yoo-mi, Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hu, and many more. All of Us Are Dead premieres on January 28 on Netflix.