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Nancy Momoland Test Positive for Covid-19 During Promotions in Mexico

Hyebin and Nancy Momoland add to the long list of South Korean artists infected with Covid-19. Both tested positive on Sunday 

This news was conveyed by representatives of the MLD Entertainment agency. The two members are reportedly currently promoting in Mexico.

"Momoland members Hyebin and Nancy, who are currently promoting in Mexico, have tested positive for Covid-19," the agency said.


Hyebin and Nancy have received the third and second doses of the vaccine, respectively. However, the results of the PCR test stated that they were positive.

"The planned local schedule (in Mexico) will be temporarily suspended as we focus on the treatment and recovery of the two artists," the agency said.


The agency apologizes if this news worries fans and staff working for Momoland.

"We will prioritize the recovery of Hyebin and Nancy and take the necessary actions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by complying with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities," he concluded.