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Tae Yeon SNSD 'Emotions' Asked This Question, Asked BTS

Tae Yeon Appears In The Latest Episode Of The Telephone Show In The Latest Episode Of The Show Featuring Hanhae. He sounded 'emotional' when asked about things he thought were impossible.

Girls' Generation's Tae Yeon recently guested over the phone on the latest episode of the show featuring Hanhae. The beautiful singer sounded "emotional" when asked about what she thought was impossible.

On February 9, 2022, Dalla Studio's YouTube channel released the second episode of the show "Connection King." Inspired by Kevin Bacon Law, the program features Michael Jordan's recruitment process using comedian Choi Sung Min's connections as a host.

Kevin Bacon Law is a social theory that most Hollywood actors can connect with Kevin Bacon in two or three connections, and by crossing six connections, one can become acquaintances with anyone in the world.

The first connection that Choi Sung Min chose was rapper Hanhae. Well, Hanhae chose Tae Yeon as his closest connection and tried to contact him by phone.

When contacted by Hanhae, Tae Yeon turns out to have just woken up. When asked if he knew Michael Jordan, the singer from SM Entertainment sounded "emotional" with a calm tone of voice. "What kind of bullshit is this?"

Tae Yeon then recommended BTS (Bangtan Boys), considering they are world-class stars and often "play" to the United States. "Just ask BTS. BTS," said Tae Yeon.

When asked if he knew BTS, Tae Yeon proudly replied, "Of course!" Even though he is also a world-class singer, it's a shame Tae Yeon can't help Choi Sung Min to recruit Michael Jordan.

Meanwhile, Tae Yeon will make a comeback with the release of the 3rd full album titled "INVU." Tae Yeon's new album will be released to coincide with Valentine's Day on February 14.