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TOP leaves YG Entertainment, BIGBANG announces his comeback

The top release from YG Entertainment after 16 years. With TOP, his group BIGBANG announced that he would be returning after a long wait.

This shocking news was announced by YG Entertainment through its official statement. The agency said BIGBANG will release a new song in the spring of this year. 

"BIGBANG will be releasing a new song this spring. (BIGBANG) has finished recording a new song, and they are currently preparing to shoot a music video," YG Entertainment said. 

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According to YG Entertainment, the rapper's 34-year exclusive contract has ended and will focus on becoming an artist or entrepreneur.

 "We appreciate TOP's desire to expand the scope of his individual activities apart from his promotions with BIGBANG, and managed to come to an agreement on this matter with the other members," YG Entertainment explained. 

"As long as it goes right, (TOP) will always participate in BIGBANG activities whenever he can," he continued.

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