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Haechan Inspired by Baekhyun EXO's 'Bad Habits', Will Do This For NCT Dream's New Album?

SEOUL - NCT Dream recently did an Instagram live and as usual their broadcast was full of exciting moments. One of them is when the members are guessing whether Chenle the "master of chaos" will leak plans or even their new song which will be released on March 28. It turns out, not only Chenle who is ready to spread 'chaos' ahead of his comeback, but Haechan is also inspired to do so. 

To be precise, it was Baekhyun EXO's sunbaenim that made him think of doing the same with Chenle. Baekhyun is indeed known to be fond of leaking everything related to EXO's comeback and his solo projects. Quoting Koreaboo, one of the best vocalists in the K-pop industry once leaked his Bambi song, as well as the hidden third tattoo of NCT's Ten.

 One of the craziest spoiler moments Baekhyun has ever done was when he did a live broadcast (streaming) with SuperM. At that time, he casually played the song One, before the song and album was officially released. NCT's Mark even panicked when he saw his senior's behavior.

 Most Expensive for Chenle At first, Mark just laughed hearing Baekhyun's words saying that he was playing a song. But as soon as he realized Baekhyun was actually playing One's song, Mark panicked and tried to stop him by shouting as loudly as possible to cover up the sound of One's song. Funny thing is, Baekhyun even told Mark to stay seated. Finally, fans can listen to a snippet of the song.

Well, it was the series of hilarious scenes that Baekhyun did that inspired Haechan. He even said it directly while doing an Instagram live a few days ago.

"During SuperM (broadcast), I was really surprised when I found out that sunbaenim Baekhyun played a song (as a spoiler). But I think I should learn like that," said Haechan. Considering Haechan's reputation as the king of comedy on NCT Dream, he might actually live up to his words, and it could be that his target is NCT Dream's comeback at the end of March. Dreamers ready to receive spoilers from Haechan?