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Jungkook BTS Openly Revealed That He Has Watched All Episodes Of The SBS Drama 'Business Proposal' Which Is Going Viral So It Gives A Proud Impression From The Director Himself

The popularity of the drama "Business Proposal" is not only enjoyed by ordinary people. Jungkook BTS (Bangtan Boys) is also known to eagerly watch episode after episode of the SBS drama.

As is known, Jungkook recently held a question and answer session with his fans through his personal Instagram account. When Jungkook asked fans for suggestions on what to do in his free time, one fan mentioned watching marathonly the drama "Business Proposal."

Jungkook's answer immediately made fans excited because he claimed to have watched all the episodes. In fact, this idol can be said to be the same as other viewers who are part of the "on-going team" of each drama.

Considering Jungkook is one of the most popular members of the global group BTS, this golden maknae is a role model for many. Director Park Seon Ho couldn't help but be excited and happy. The director immediately uploaded a post to express his gratitude to the youngest member of BTS.

"After seeing Jungkook's answer, I wanted to show it off immediately, so I took a screenshot and posted it. Jungkook, I love you so much. With pleasure," wrote director Park Seon Ho, expressing his joy at Jungkook's expression.

Besides, the director also revealed more about the special appearance of "Business Proposal" which will surprise regarding his relationship with Jungkook. "In one episode of the drama, there will be a sentence that says 'A handsome man like Jungkook.' Don't be too surprised when you watch the drama," said the director giving a complete spoiler.

Director Park Seon Ho himself also revealed that the writer of the webtoon himself is a big fan of BTS. Coupled with Jungkook's response to the drama, director Park Seon seems even more proud of it.

Meanwhile, "Business Proposal" itself is a drama adapted from the famous webtoon Haehwa and Perilla (story) and Narak for its popular illustrator section on Kakao Page. Not only this drama has achieved high ratings throughout its episode broadcast, even the webtoon version has now reached more than 450 million reads.