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Noze 'SWF' Was Forced to Stop All Activities After Being Confirmed Positive For COVID-19

The bad news recently came from the beautiful dancer Noze. The reason is that the figure who once joined the "Street Woman Fighter" competition is said to have been exposed to COVID-19.

The news was apparently confirmed by Noze's agency. Quoted from Soompi, the Starting House Entertainment agency announced that Noze had to stop all his activities after being infected with COVID-19.

"Hello, this is the Starting House. On March 18, Noze used the self-test kit as a precaution and received a positive result. He immediately went to the hospital and underwent an antigen test, and he has been diagnosed with COVID-19," wrote the Starting House.

"Noze previously received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and he has currently stopped all activities and is resting while taking all necessary measures in accordance with government health authority guidelines."

Furthermore, the agency admitted that it would continue to comply with health protocols for the safety of their artists. "Our agency will," he wrote.

The news of Noze's positive COVID-19 apparently also shared by the @coppamagz account. No doubt, Indo netizens gave their comments regarding the news.

Many netizens apparently wished the best for Noze. They wish Noze a speedy recovery and return to his normal activities.