How to Choose Curtains and Bathroom Accessories

Choosing the right curtains for a bathroom can be a daunting task. The marketplace offers a wide array of curtains, which doesn’t make matters easier. However, we do have options. These options enable us to choose style, colors, patterns, and so on. The most important thing a person can do, however, is to investigate their bathroom first. Your investigation will help you choose coordinating colors and patterns.

How do I choose the right color for my curtains?
When choosing the right colors, you want to use the information you have gathered regarding the choice of style, color, and patterns. You may want to go online or visit local department stores to view the variety of curtains offered to you. Having a visual always helps one to choose patterns and designs.

Once you have chosen your style and patterns, it will be easier to choose your colors. The basic concept is to make sure that the colors match the colors of your existing bathroom accessories, windowpanes, doors, floors, rugs, wall covers, etc.

How will I know if my curtain fits?
To make sure that your curtain will fit, you must measure your window first. Use a standard craftsman-measuring gauge. You want to measure lengthwise and widthwise starting at the center of the fabric. If you are creating your own curtains by hand, measure across the length and width. Leave a bit of allowance for your seams, which should always be around half an inch to a quarter inch.

How do I choose hooks or rings?
When deciding on the pattern, you can consider hooks and rings once you finish. Like curtains, you have a wide array of curtain rods, rings, and hooks to choose from. You have the choice of hooks or rings, such as the looped items that loop around your rod. Remember, however, that the rod should fit the style of your curtains, hooks, and/or rings.

Your choices include the round pine and maple rods. The rods will add a twist of charm to your new atmosphere.

How do I install my new curtains?
Installing the new curtains is not difficult. Keep in mind that your brackets are straight. To do this, you may want to use a tape measure to gauge the distance down from the ceiling. Make sure that you start on both sides, starting on the same side. Once you finish, use an artisan's pencil to mark the spot. This will help you remember where you need to drill holes for mounting. If you want, you can choose common brackets to mount your curtain rods, screws, etc., which you will need to mark your spot so you don't forget as well. Once you finish, you can then hang your curtains.

When you start to measure your curtains, start in the room, measuring the window length to width. Keep notes so that you do not lose your information. Once you have your curtains mounted, you may want to consider shades, top treatments, home accents, coordinating pillows, and more. If you added flowery curtains to your bathroom, you may want to purchase and/or build a corner stand. Sit the stand in the corner of the room and add a flower vase and coordinating artificial flowers. In addition, you can add a few wicker baskets in your bathroom to store decorative soaps, perfumes, fancy toiletries, and so on. The baskets filled with fancy items will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Speaking of curtains, you may want to consider reviewing window blinds instead. Window blinds give a natural feel to the atmosphere, and they are also easy to wash. If you have a loved one in the home with a handicap, you may want to consider showers designed to accommodate the disabled as well. 

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