Mixing Bathroom Accessories: How to Choose Knobs and Hooks

Choosing bathroom accessories, such as knobs and robe hooks, is not easy. You have a selection from brands like Dove, Musa, Antique, Aranjeuz, Austin, Barcelona, Cabin, Belvedere, Cameo, Channel, Cannes, Catalina, Chenille, and more to choose from. City Temple, Contessa, Cosmopolitan, Dominic, Designer, Drop, and Elizabeth have also created a nice line of knobs and robe hooks.

When choosing knobs and hooks, your best bet is to reduce your options. For instance, do you like gold? Do you like gold combined with chrome? Would you prefer decorative styles? Do you like the mirror look? Considering your taste, style, etc., can help you narrow down your choices.

In addition, you want to consider your bathroom. Do you have a country setting? Do you have a regal bath? Is your bath Victorian style? Are you purchasing knobs and hooks for a kid's bathroom? What colors and patterns are in your bathroom?

If you have a regal or master bathroom, you may like the gold knobs and hooks. Jas has a nice line of knobs and hooks. Jas has created creative gold robe hooks, which go well with a variety of colors. You might have a wall mirror, glass cub, hooks, shelves, and racks in the background of your bath area. In this instance, I would reconsider the gold, unless you have gold trimmings around your bathroom accessories.

If you have gold trimmings, the gold will look great. If you do not have gold trimmings, you may want to add a few other bathroom items. For instance, you can purchase gold bath bars, gold-trimmed holders made of glass, gold and glass soap dish, bath tissue holders, vanity glass shelves trimmed in gold, and so on. Toss in a gold towel ring and you are off to a good start.

How do I choose knobs and hooks for antique bathrooms? If you have an antique environment, you may like Pacific’s line of bathroom accessories. Antique shades, tones, etc., could benefit from the oil-rubbed bronze hooks. Satin nickel will also go well in antique bathrooms. Toss in a Bronze Oil Rub ring, antique white soap dish and toothbrush holder, and perhaps a vanity glass mirror and there you have it.

The rustic gold items are nice items that go well in antique environments. The Antique Bronze Burn shades are nice as well. Toss in a rustic, bronze, or antique vanity glass shelf and your patterns will blend well. In addition, you can add a bath tissue holder, towel ring/bar, and you are off to enhance your antique bathroom.

Aranjeuz makes a nice line of products, which you could blend in antique regions. It depends on your style, yet you could blend the gold trim with chrome polish hooks to set off an antique atmosphere. The brushed nickel mixed with gold is nice as well.

How do I choose modern patterns and colors? Dominic collections have a nice selection of hooks. You may like the chrome polished items designed by German crafters. Wind has a nice selection of modern designs as well.

How do I choose bathroom accessories for Victorian baths? Victorian style baths often benefit from Satin Nickel shades, brass and chrome polish, and so on. Victorian style is designed to bring home legends of the past. Victorian also honors the traditional patterns. Most Victorian bathrooms can benefit from the shades listed, as well as other items that offset porcelain. If you have a Victorian bath, likely you have porcelain tubs and sinks, which you want to match the colors when searching for bathroom accessories. Presently, Victorian collections have a sale, offering you up to a 27% discount. 

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