Use Circle Dot Bathroom Accessories to Add Zip to Your Bathroom

If you are looking for a way to add zip and pizzazz to your bathroom in an easy, inexpensive way, the first thing to do is to think about replacing your bathroom accessories. You can think of bathroom accessories as such things as towel racks and tissue holders, but they also include items such as tumblers, soap dishes, lotion dispensers, and tissue box covers. For a fun, contemporary feel, try using circle dot bathroom accessories, which are created in what used to be called the mod look. This is a retro style that looks new again.

Because circle dot bathroom accessories have a geometric look, they tend to have a very contemporary, hip feel. If you are an apartment or loft dweller, circle dot bathroom accessories may be the perfect design for your bathroom. This style of bathroom accessories will be available in the latest, hip colors, such as rust and navy or brown and blue. With a relatively small amount of cash outlay, you can come up with a great new look for your bathroom with circle dot bathroom accessories.

Start by looking at your existing bathroom fixtures. Are they in good shape? Do they need an upgrade? If so, visit your local home improvement store to take a look at what's new in bathroom accessories. Obviously, you won't be finding bathroom fixtures in a circle dot pattern, but you may be surprised at the wide range of stylish possibilities. Think about what kind of color scheme you'll be establishing with your circle dot bathroom accessories as a starting point. Will black iron fixtures look good? How about brushed chrome? You can buy bathroom fixtures in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. While contemporary styles will probably go best with your circle dot bathroom accessories, it could also be fun to create an eclectic look by combining traditional fixtures with your hip bathroom accessories.

Once you've chosen your fixtures or decided to stick with what you have, it's time to look for your circle dot bathroom accessories. Searching online is a good way to start. You'll find many sites that sell circle dot bathroom accessories, some in complete sets. A set might include a toothbrush holder, soap or lotion dispenser, soap dish, tissue box holder, and a tumbler cup. Other ways to accessorize with add-ons will include a matching shower curtain and wastebasket. You can even buy shower curtain hooks in a colorful dot style to match, and towels with a border of circle dots. What fun it will be to have a bathroom completely full of circle dot bathroom accessories!

Dots and geometric designs are very in and provide a fun, modern energy for your bathroom. If you don't want your entire room done in circle dot bathroom accessories, just choose a couple of key pieces, such as a shower curtain and wastebasket. Then you can coordinate with less bold bathroom accessories in the same color. There are so many options for jazzing up your bathroom with circle dot bathroom accessories, and you'll enjoy using them in your bathroom.
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